Porkpocalypse: Wild Swine Spread Leads to Mass Destruction

Space invaders, zombies, artificial intelligence taking over society…sure, we’re fascinated by stories of end-times destruction. Pop culture likes to imagine scenarios of threats to everyday life. The thing is, the threat to our native ecosystem is already here and it’s wreaking hog havoc on Alabama. It may sound dramatic, but when you consider the impact from a non-native species invading agricultural land, you’ve got a horror story ripe for the dime-store novel. Agricultural Impacts Alabama agriculture suffers from the presence of feral hogs. Hogs can easily decimate large portions and sometimes entire crop fields. Feral hogs are attracted to many different crops, such as corn, cotton, peanuts, and soybeans. No crop is safe from their appetite at any stage of growth. They root newly planted seeds from the soil, and strip tender sprouts. Hogs trample mature crop growth and other varieties of crops such as hay and newly sprouted pine trees. Depending on the severity of the damage d

Feral Pigs Go Hog Wild on Alabama

 Feral swine are one of the top nuisance animals disrupting our state, and if left unchecked, their wake of destruction will completely disrupt the Alabama we all know and love. We’re not talking lovable Porky Pig here either. You may know them as feral swine, feral hogs, wild pigs, wild hogs, or wild boars. They have many names, but we’re all referring to the same species – an angry, diseased, dangerous, and destructive one at that. Feral swine are destroying Alabama’s ecosystem at unsustainable rates.  And that’s not all, folks! Unwelcome Guests Feral hogs are  not an animal species native to Alabama . As such, they are incredibly invasive and destructive to the state’s natural ecosystem. They have no natural predators, they maintain rapid reproduction rates, and they have a naturally low mortality rate. All of these factors contribute to their unhindered, ever-increasing population, and the only hope to control them is entirely dependent upon man-made efforts.   Pesky Pigs To put it